I am a problem solver, an IT professional with 30 years experience working at every level within an organization. I have done almost every task, from pulling cable to designing and managing corporate data centers and migrating to the cloud. I have experience listening to management needs for results and guiding IT resources to support these outcomes.  I’ve successfully interacted with plant / operations staff to use available IT tools to solve production demands. I’ve also got hands-on implementation skills, as well as managing staff and contractors in the deployment and maintenance of IT resources.

I realize that most companies have existing IT support people or vendors in place. I’m not necessarily trying to compete with or replace these relationships. However, most vendors are selling managed service agreements these days and many IT systems that used to be internal are now hosted in the cloud. These all have contracts to define the relationships. And, let’s face it, the IT world is full of acronyms and ever-changing technology that can make it hard to process and understand exactly what you are getting in these agreements.

I am an outside voice of experience with extensive contacts in the industry that sits on your side of the table and represents your interest. I can make sure that you are getting what you need with IT support and software vendors.

If you have any projects, need an extra set of hands or would just like to discuss your current situation, please contact me: alan@packetxfer.com