Technology can be one of the most important and irritating components in business. 

When tech works well, operations and efficiency can improve. When it fails, good people may say bad words.

With more than twenty five years’ experience, we provide meaningful solutions that leverage company knowledge to make the most effective use of IT resources.

We can help with issues like user and security policies as well as “what-if” planning should a hack occur. We can also help with financial IT cost analysis and management reporting.

We have experience in a variety of environments including, Marine communications and Navigation systems, Point-of-Sale systems for crushed stone, asphalt and ready-mix. Also, we have experience in most common professional IT network technologies such as Virtualization, Cloud Migration, Disaster Recovery.

We also support several of our clients’ web and social media efforts. We do it all, from creation, hosting and SEO as well as production of audio and video content. We make sure you’re heard across all relevant channels.

With our unique experience and perspective, we are able to offer the solution you need. We are small, flexible and dedicated to making it work for you.

We are not on a mission to be the largest. We just want to find a handful of special customers and give them all the attention they need to be successful.

If you have IT issues of any kind, drop us a line and I’m sure we can help.